Seat Covers

Spills, sweat, UV rays, dirty clothing, muddy dog paws, and daily wear and tear can all conspire to tarnish the seats in your vehicle.

Accumulated sweat and moisture can leave your seats smelling like a gym locker, particularly if you’re doing a lot of hard work out in the summer sun. Common spills like coffee can leave permanent stains on the factory-installed coverings on your seats. On top of that, just getting in and out of your vehicle each day is enough to wear them out over time. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Adding a good set of covers to your seats is an excellent way to preserve their condition, enhance their looks, and maintain the resale value of what you drive (the better shape it’s in, the more it’ll be worth later).

One of your most valuable investments is your Car, SUV, Truck or Van. Dash Designs Custom Dash Covers protect your dashboard from harmful UV rays that can cause discoloration or cracking while also reducing harmful glare and reflected heat.

  • Protect new seats from kids, pets, or spills!
  • Cover faded or worn seats.
  • Superior quality fabrics for a premium fit & feel.
  • Durable, foam insulation on all fabrics
  • Precision patterns for Cars, Trucks, Vans, & SUV’s
  • Easy installation!

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